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Title : Ek Aur Pyaar(Prod. By Sez)
Description : Track: Ek Aur Pyaar(Prod. by Sez)
Artist: Viper X!
Mixed & Mastered by: Viper X!(Vivek Gunwant)
Composed & Written by: Viper X!(Vivek Gunwant)
All verses & chorus by: Viper X!(Vivek Gunwant)
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap


Uthjaao laundo
joint chahiye kya?
cigarette to ab saale peete bhhi nai
Inhe pilaao sharaab

Ek aur pyaar hua ek aur pyaar
Ek aur baar hua ek aur pyaar
Saccha wala, saccha wala,saccha wala pyaar
Ek aur se hua ek aur pyaar

Verse 1:
Ek aur pyaar hua ek aur pyaar
aaan thi meri ek, fatke ho gayi chaar
maine baar baar baar baar dil ko sambhala
khoke ek,do,teen,chaar, paanchvi pe aya dil, dil
mera dil to bakait hai
jo bhi lage pyaari uske dil main ye to kaid hai
maanta hun dil mera uchalti hui gaid hai
khelta hun main, sirf main? mujhe khed hai
Jaaneman, jaanejaana, hamnasheen, dilrubaa
soch na tu tere dil se main hun ab to mil chuka
dede mera saath tu, tere pe main tik chuka
pyaar hai to hai yahan jo tha vaha vo bik chuka
jaan hai tu meri
kaise jaan legi meri?
Doesn't matter gal whether you are saanwli ya gori
aaj faasle mita, class baad main tu jaa
meri daaru, mera maal, mera ganja ban ja
paa paas mere aa, aa paas mere aa
paas paas mere aake zara jhaanj to kara

Chorus x 1

Verse 2:
She's the real beauty
I want her to my self
but how am i suppose to talk to her?
just go there? tell her what my name is?
I'm famous
Haven't you heard that song called "charsi: the faded"
or "for you"? That i made for Micky when we two din't date(ed)
I'm bout to make a part 2 since we are separated
but anyway
See i'm the self made underground king or rap game in northside
if you say we can hold hands, get blend and its your ride
and i'm the dopest shit around with a short height
you're the hottest chick surroundin' up my fuckin' archive
we'll lip-lock whenever we get a chance
and don't worry about your lip-gloss cause its meant for my toungue
fuck my brain, hold my hand, lick my pain, go insane, GO PRACTICAL
Diploma in technology i want you here, come feel my pulse
imulsify my soul or anything else expect my testicles
you'll get my best a cen percent, no mistake of a fuckin' decimal
yeah, feelings don't come natural it's actually a fact and i insist you to react on it
direct view of your balcony
but you never come out
you never come out, like its fuckin' snowin'
How the fuck am i suppose to love without you knowin'?
Come and share my semi-black time and you won't go in
(you won't)

Chorus x 1

Verse 3:
Aisa hai nahi kahi likha
ki ek baar pyaar ho gaya to, dobara nahi hoga
pyaar ki main kaise du vajah
Gar hota koi reason to pyaar mera pyaar nahi hota
hath mera hath main jo hai tere o janeman
ankhe teri mujhko to ye sab sahi bata rahi hain
sardiyon main saanso ki ye garmiyan teri sanam
meri sard vadiyon ki coolness ghata rahi hain
She's like the fuckin' zoom to my sniper
A bluff in my love life, a clue to myself ah
I drink drink that whisky and goldflake that sulfa
i click-click on her pic and sit sick on sofa
deceive her i'll never, i'm dope and she's clever
so basically this is it, its forever

Ek aur pyaar
Ek aur pyaar
Ek... aur... pyaar
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