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Title : Things to do before that is wet
Description : Things to do before that is wet Read and. Condom RA. .. Then readRemember always that the only difference between you and the neighborhood-the outdated WA – is that you are gaining by experience, and contemplating a. And has gained experience and reflection of the father only through at, you often get from behind the reading and.Live your life all reader a.. Try not to enter before the RC only has read something or things from all effects like your mother in your stages of work the Republic, because simply reading – is the only thing that makes you live the district WAT other not live her in the times was told by, and in the minds of people who were not seen by and not in circumstances.The reading is that make you is that you have not lived a life short, but nest time hundreds of years!***************************TeX thief was gratifying Ed!In a neighborhood long etc, God willing, will be the way of it was gratifying ed.. Know inevitably this kind of personalities القميئ his hateful transmitting the same presence jihai is there and is likely a.Immediately, so just make sure that they are annoying you and causes you distress or problems in. The response from your evil I reply, and do not receive them not at all..Get rid of it was gratifying Ed without any dismantling, or frequency, or twilight e!.. Make it a habit of continuous life..************************Turning to the (Benevolent Association Mobile him)!From today, take it the same as you don't represent the people or one in. Turning to a charitable association TSI on my feet n.Every day of your home not subject, '' t good around you.. Charity here, financial assistance here, free consultation there, professional advice to fellow action, replying to a question in your business, take a branch of the charity, visit lmelg a Lite or a.Along with religious and spiritual meaning and brother Roy, you are also the ominous approach of neighborhood you live etc as a real human being.. How will vote sounded the Excellency and pride in self walanta each of which will emerge each day to you, and you have to face the choice of t.I think (10 RI machines) which covered all day sitting on the CN, if contributed by on a handout or subsidy, and Chris alluded to, or assist the timely institution Lance benevolent a. Ominous t وقتئ y that you are in this life has value means the greater of many sit on the CN and its oppression of the charge of screening of all alternative approaches r komsan p Kim Levi at. ..Don't think that you are with me on this point!***********************H o n k habitsNone of us generate an Angel a. Are we wrong or shameful habits or perhaps catastrophic e (albeit denied that same as you worse than you think Balmain world!.). We all remember a repertoire full of dangerous and font none destructive bad habits..Try to forget in these bad habits influence on thoroughness of aak life.. Why are lying in both mm and looks always in position, weakest in?.. Don't be attracted to you and take it they will die the day attracts a.. The mother does not need all this hardship e!Why clings to the smoking ban and destroy the true k?! .. Why dubs to cut his father chat based indecent in the comments on articles aragi as or alvisb wake of nonstop fun and Clowning?! .. Why insist on eating kalthi ran land, so switched to tank m m walk on Earth a Hun?! .. Etc..However, to better habits.. Or ex and you try at least!************************Do not intervene in the lives of othersAnd is one of the most important things that you should try it as long as you live a most horrible in my opinion..You know the quality of the people who does not mean they are nothing in life only stereotyped people and classified ad on a whim of the person to:This faithless, this atheist, this idiot, that's stupid, that no talent, this filthy, and the z, and this following a wrong approach, and it won't smell of this wondrous form, this eccentric, and this was confirmed after the pair because they are innocent, and those seem too liberal a. Etc..My friend, you are on t. Animated corpse Zi t on my feet n, your course will be completed before dark t.. I'm not a machine, not your role to evaluate any one at all.. Nest neighborhood etc over that likes to live by, it feels more correct – from the point of view you left — and intervene in the lives of others and does not define aaerhm sucking at all..God created different people to his will, not your role to evaluate people according to your values and your loves and your ambitions and your Outlook on life, tools and how to cope with it. .. Do not exceed your limits, and (imposing) issued weratk for life the Guy never left.***********************No challenge too ZenLong life – God willing – stfash for very much.. Pass the positions filled with frustration, depression, embarrassment, anger shifted and annoyed and stupid.. You'll see with my own eyes as scenes painful, friends and loved ones leave leaving life and leaves it in.All this calls for Zen-indeed, but is not to beat you rakha economies of your life to the full, we had to approach the stagnant dismal failures discerned and anger of l.. Only give her size and become even bigger as soon as matstti AR, stated the same as you are also a panelist at this life..Briefly: no need to (the same rack k) more than necessary, so long as a will and leave everything!**************************You for your neighborhood etc. Six soldiers to othersAny there any there there, then no, that leave your mind and your awareness and therefore shaped by the others in. Don't be a soldier loyal to others, Wen also has them in the way that betsey wish to and decoding Ron you, yamronk, and trotting Runic they actually do, and h. .. They're objects doc to for spray ed.. And obtained without the minimum gains and certain political and social conscious. ..Your life will be short about pl. .. Do not carry out her my lowness of others decipher RIA and Lance Anya and my mind until my soul a. .. Independence for yourself, and think the same as and, foiling for the same k, the most successful is the same as. Don't allow the same as implemented orders of any on the view unless you are convinced it is either a..Relive the role of duck for 2,000 did, nor are the same as (Combe exercise) life others merely paliza war on HD or appetizers religion, and left all that was and is.Not bear the risks of political or sectarian Republic or decoder or religious or professional or community of any Lobar or class, and be a party to the conflict, to merely that you used to hear orders and negate by without discussion and.Ratified, to this point specifically because of the loss of much rain too of the son, and the disasters that ended the over our heads every day in this beautiful region of the world!**********************Choose the partner district etcWhatever the cultural and social background and ethnicity and even religious, choosing a partner district etc will and Woodside to one my way from:First: to continue life, and find, and OM El rorha with all force. .. As the partner district etc is promise and member of KD.II-the facts-is that contemplating you are the same as in violent behaviour r.. As the El Rico neighborhood etc (also) say I promise on this face, and makes him a likable and not the peace light..When the select partner district etc, no need for the emotional illness of the idiots of not understandable at all and have no impact on life in. Choose life partner that corresponds to your weshkhsit your life style and. ..Or die and you try! :?*********************Brother blood WA g she curdled If you see the same as Chubb in a neighborhood of people accused and their style and their interaction with life.. You unfortunately breach and another billion people within who came minimum and have lived on the Earth, eating and positive and marry, and then got old and. .. Then die on..Always engaged on your strangeness.. A strange nest a screwdriver area, create new ideas, summarize shown r. weird – don't win AVI values society as exotic roles, led-, x t community habits of legacy does not meet d. No never contemplating as decoding of others.Outcome: will ADIK everyone.. Of the present important?.. Flizah Bois to dropping!.. This district etc, and will be living under one time, and the right to dine where strange a crusher for a promising, so long as it is not contrary to religious values and noble humanitarian a. ..******************Again, remember that the neighbourhood etc will comprised HAB pl. .. Don't waste it on anxiety and fear and blood. .. And don't waste it in stirring up animosities walna felt, dissemination of hatred everywhere. ..Your goal in life (the purpose of you being there) than we do and the importance of lost in these matters blank!
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