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Title : Infatuation
Description : Ooohhooohohhh and everything still the same,
And I’m still one to blame for your infatuation,
That fits in your equation,
That Fibonnaci sacred in your life. In your life.

Roll up a blunt and come chill with me.
Hope you don't mind I don’t blow the trees.
It gives ya boy anxiety,
Paranoid, that’s what I avoid.
It's your boy, nicotene fix,
Dimethyltriptamine hit,
With a listerine strip.
I go to my crib stay invisibly lit,
By end of the night see history writ. (sigh)
I ascend to the stars and shit.
It's my attempt to write bars and shit.
My garage I park cars in it.
J.K. I don't gotta garage you bitch.
Pay monthly dues and fees.
While I still got the energies.
With my homemade recipes
I will head out and seize my destiny.
Carpe Diem - latin phrase,
The OG shit, You best believe this,
I stumble on Earth ever since my birth,
And I ended up dead - puttin' THAT in a verse.
Put THAT in reverse. I’ll be the first
To rap like, how I rap like.
And that’s a fact like,
Books full of weird ass facts like,
The Barnes and Noble - humor section,
I walk around til’ it’s 10pm,
Now it's closing. I hit the car then I dip,
24 hour drive-thru for the Frosty,
French fry dipped in the shake, now she wants me.
We talk love cos she be,
Arguing with me about Marvel and DC.
Expanded universes and canon
And all that real shit that matters.
To me....

Ooohhooohohhh and everything still the same,
And I’m still one to blame for your infatuation,
I know that love is sacred,
But I still want these ladies in my life.
In my life.

Leo Sun that means I’m hella cool.
Virgo cusp the Earth residue.
Aquarius, we won't get into.
Leo Moon, Sagitarrius midheaven- dude.
I wasted my bars on astrology.
But it all good, it don’t bother me.
I got open mind with a lot of dreams,
And really that's ways that it ought to be.

And I never stop, I keep on, making guap,
That’s the life of a star.
You work grind nine to five with a drive of a slave,
An American Race,
The baggy eyes on they face,
Skinny jeans at the mall out in Stockton,
Walking, arguing online,
Facebook on the comments,
What we got in common,
Both quite obnoxious,
I like it ironic.
Sippin' on Pabst cos they won a Blue Ribbon
Like back in the day now you look like a hipster.
I rock no beard but I still wear a flannel,
I ride no fixies but I vibe cos I'm Nam Vo,
I channel with ya chakras,
One hand sippin on Import monster,
Caffeine triggering my jaws teeth clenching,
Grinding my teeth in my sleep just like I meant it.
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