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Title : Super Mario 3D World Playthrough Part 2
Description : In this part, we complete World 2.

These are the stages shown in this part:

World 2-1: Conkdor Canyon: This stage introduces Conkdors, odd creatures that try to slam their head into you. It's a pretty simple stage.

Green Star #1: Using the Cat Suit, climb up the wall to this Star.

Green Star #2: You should see a Conkdor around a few grey blocks later in the stage. Let it slam its head into the northernmost one to reveal the Star, which you can then grab.

Green Star #3: Near the end of the stage, youl'l find Captain Toad running from a Conkdor's slams. Kill the Conkdor, and he'll give you the Star.

Stamp: It's in plain sight. Just grab it.

World 2-Sprixie House: FREE STAMP, YAAAAY.

World 2-2: Puffprod Peaks: This is the first stage in the game that requires you to use the GamePad. It will be used to control platforms and walls.

Green Star #1: Form the walls so you can Wall Jump up to the Star.

Green Star #2: In the area with the platforms you need to blow at to move, reach the Cloud, then dash to the end of the area and into the Star.

Green Star #3: You need to blow into the GamePad to move a platform up, then ride the platform to the Star. Don't activate the wall above it.

Stamp: Tap the floor near the one that releases Galoombas, then enter its hole to find the Stamp.

World 2-3: Shadow-Play Alley: This stage has you using shadows to determine where you are and what you're facing.

Green Star #1: You should see the silhouette for this Star early in the stage. Go down to find it.

Green Star #2: There's a bunch of.. angry... block things. Kill them with scratches or Fireballs (I'm not sure if they work, to be honest), then enter the Mystery Box. Hit the switch and grab the Star before time runs out.

Green Star #3: Instead of opening the last door and leaving the stage, keep going right to find Captain Toad, terrified of a Bowser cut-out. Destroy it, and he'll give you the Star.

Stamp: You will see this one in the floor. Roll into the Blocks on the left, guarding it.

World 2-Mystery House: Mystery House Melee: This is the first Mystery House challenge, which has you performing various tasks to earn Green Stars. This one is pretty simple.

Green Stars #1-5: Kill the enemies in each challenge for their Stars.

World 2-4: Really Rolling Hills: This stage's gimmick is... rolling hills. Yeah.

Green Star #1: Use the Cat Suit to climb up the wall with this Star.

Green Star #2: In the underground section, take the bottom path with the purple Blocks (which can be destroyed with rolls) and enter the Pipe. In here, change every black panel into a colored one to reveal the Star.

Green Star #3: Near the end of the underground section, jump into the hole below the rotating platforms to find the Star.

Stamp: You can only obtain this Stamp as Mario. Press the switch with Mario's symbol on it to get the Stamp.

World 2-A: Big Galoomba Blockade: This one is just pathetic. Kill the Mega Galoombas for a Green Star.

Green Star #1: As mentioned agove, kill the Mega Galoombas.

World 2-5: Double Cherry Pass: Introducing the Double Cherry, this stage makes good use of it by having you ward off many enemies with extreme firepower.

Green Star #1: Destroy the crates to the right of the Clear Pipes for the first Star.

Green Star #2: Have at least one clone with you and have you and the clone press the two P-Switches to reveal the Star.

Green Star #3: Near the Flagpole, there's a platform with a "4" on it. You need to have at least three clones with you for the platform to activate, which will take you to the Star.

Stamp: Later in the stage, you will see three Question Blocks to the left. One will release more blocks. Have a clone hit the Block while you or another clone is on the stack, which leads to the Stamp.

World 2-Tank: Bowser's Bullet Bill Brigade: This stage has Bullet Bills and lots of them. You get to use a Blaster of your own in this stage. The boss here is Boom Boom, who can turn invisible now. That doesn't stop him from being a joke.

Green Star #1: This one is surrounded by Fire Piranha Plants. Blast them, or carefully grab it.

Green Star #2: Jump up to the small tank with a lone crate and spikes. Destroy the crate (while avoiding the spikes) and get the Star.

Green Star #3: I hope you still have a Blaster with you, because you need one for this Star. Blast the cracked wall near the Pipe to reveal this Star.

Stamp: Quickly jump up to the grating with this Stamp.
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