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Title : Best of Love Songs 가요 1 집 혼자보내는마음 - (이동원) #1
Description : Classic Korean Love Songs

Happy Valentine's Day To Everyone. I just wrote a my Valentine's Day Poem I like to share with you. Maybe this poem can relate to some of you.

Valentine Day Poem
Happy Valentine's Day
Today is Valentine's Day
To share love with the world
To give love to someone(out there)
To give a tender kiss to a special one
To give love,share and care
To give someone unconditional love
To give the tranquility of love

Today is Valentine's Day
When you tell someone 4 words
When sending special roses
When you have candle light
When the 2 love birds fly
When you send love songs
When you look into her sparkling eyes

Today is Valentine's Day
The time to express your feelings
The time to forgive and forget
The time to plant a new tree and new life
The time to capture precious moments
The time to rebuild as life goes on
The time to send all my love

By: Lee Eun Ho
Copyright ©2014 Lee Eun Ho

This would be perfect time for bring this old cd out for Valentine's Day share with your love one or special one. This is one of my favorite classic Korean love songs cd. Now I like to share with YouTube world I tried load full cd but it don't let me I can only load up to 15 min. These songs are very touching as you hear it comes from heart as different various artists expressing each song. This very nice way relaxing easy listening music to your ear and many years to come. Maybe each songs bring out the memories you had when it was playing at that moment. I hope you like it much as I do. Thank you listening to my YouTube channel as always if you like my channel leave a comments and subscribe. .....kissofdragon08 / Lee Eun Ho

Best of Love Songs (Classic Korean)
Track List
1. 혼자보내는마음 - 이동원 3:45
2. 연인이여 - 이광조 4:39
3. 멀어저간사람아 - 박상민 4:49
4. 너를사랑하고도 - 전유나 4:21
5. 사랑의썰물 - 임지훈 3:54
6. 새처럼자유로워라 - 유익종 4:42
7. 유리창엔비 - 햇빛촌 4:45
8. 그겨울의찻집 - 조용필 3:36
9. 홀로되다는것 - 변진섭 4:09
10. 찬바람이불면 - 김지연 4:27
11. 회상 - 김현식 4:05
12. 사랑을할꺼야 - 녹색지대 4:52
13. 채워지지않는빈자리 - 이상우 3:56
14. 그냥그렇게 - 이소라 4:05
15. 보이지앟는사랑 - 신승훈 4:08
16. 여인 - 소리새 3:23
17. 물안개 - 석미경 3:58
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