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Title : Manikya Malaraya Poovi | നോൺസ്റ്റോപ്പ് റീമിക്സ്‌ | Malayalam Nonstop Remix Mappila Songs | Old Songs
Description : പഴയകാല മാപ്പിളപ്പാട്ടുകൾ ചെയ്ൻ സോങ്ങായി നോണ്‍സ്റ്റോപ്പ്‌ രൂപത്തിൽ.
ഈ ഗാനങ്ങൾ നിങ്ങൾക്ക് ഇഷ്ടമായെങ്കിൽ ഷെയർ ചെയ്യാൻ മറക്കരുതേ..
Album:Manikya Malaraya Beevi
38 Mints Nonstop Remix Malayalam Mappila Songs
Audio Jukebox
Singers: O.U Basheer, Bindu
Recorded And Mixed By : Lal Aalap Studio

Mappila Paattu or Mappila Song is a folklore Muslim song genre rendered to lyrics in colloquial Mappila dialect of Malayalam laced with Arabic, by the Mappilas of Malabar. Mappila songs have a distinct cultural identity, while at the same time, remain closely linked to the cultural practices of Kerala. The songs often used words from Persian, Urdu, Tamil, Hindi apart from Arabic and Malayalam, but the grammatical syntax was always based on Malayalam. They deal with themes such as religion, love, satire and heroism, and are often sung at occasions of birth, marriage and death. Mappila Paattu form an integral part of the heritage of Malayalam literature today and is regarded by some as the most popular branch of Malayalam literature, enjoyed by all communities in Kerala

Kolkali is a folk art performed in North Malabar region of Kerala State in south India. The dance performers move in a circle, striking small sticks and keeping rhythm with special steps. The circle expands and contracts as the dance progress. The accompanying music gradually rises in pitch and the dance reaches its climax.

Many of the traditional performing art forms of Kerala like Kathakali, Velakali, Poorakkali and Thacholikali; Kolkali, also have drawn elements from Kalarippayatt during their stages of evolution. Kathakali has borrowed much from Kalarippayattu in its basic body preparative training of the actor not only in terms of technique in practice but also from the body massage for the trainee. Many of the body postures, choreography and foot work of the Kolkali characters are taken directly from Kalarippayattu.

Oppana is a popular form of social entertainment among the Mappila community of Kerala, south India, prevalent all over kerala especially in Malappuram. The Malayalam word Oppana Pattu is the derivation of Tamil word 'Oppanai Pattu'. In Tamil 'Oppanai' means make up.[citation needed]. Oppana was originated on the occasion of make of Muslim brides. Now Oppana has been extinct in Tamil Nadu. But in Kerala this art form has been revived with much popularity in performing stages of Youth Festivals of student community.

Oppana is generally presented by females, numbering about fifteen including musicians, on a wedding day. The bride dressed in all finery, covered with gold ornaments and her palms and feet adorned with an intricately woven pattern of mylanchi (henna), sits amidst the circle of dancers. She is the chief spectator sitting on a peetam (chair), around which the singing and dancing take place. While they sing, they clap their hands rhythmically and move around the bride using simple steps. Two or three girls begin the songs and the rest join in chorus.

Sometime Oppana is also presented by males to entertain the bridegroom. It usually takes place just before the bridegroom leaves for the bride's residence where the Nikah (marriage) takes place or at the time he enters the Maniyara.

Harmonium, Tabla, Ganjira and Elathaalam are the musical instruments employed for this performance. Only the Mappilapaattu will be sung on the occasion.

The word Oppana may have been derived from an Arabic form Afna. There are two types of Oppana, one is Oppana chayal another is Oppana murukkam. When Oppana chayal is performed, they do not clap their hands. If it begins with Chayal it would also end with Chayal only.

their relatives. Marriage The Mailanchi Pattu, the Oppana Pattu and the Ammayi Pattu belong to the category of Mappila Pattukal dealing with love and marriage.
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