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Title : Trinity TCL Piano 2015-2017 Grade 5 B3 William Gillock Mister Trumpet Man by Alan
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ABRSM Associated Board Royal Schools of Music 英國 皇家 音樂學院

Piano 2015-2016
Scales /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDQSQIbzdnzA-USovTbQ-hqQ
Grade 1 /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDQw4mm5i5Xgo3046YQ8IMta
Grade 2 /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDTTTlbynMGFvtlVbuTHYwO5
Grade 3 /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDQ0SXgQ8UgogV0FnPNLt2VT
Grade 4 /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDSmoOsI8AKxIf-6k-BSRv_Z
Grade 5 /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDRuUJMnh6plW6MPozINblIY
Grade 6 /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDRIw9T0f4XO4mZrLMDEWqmD
Grade 7 /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDQePsqgFo-mEZJ9JA2dx7BQ
Grade 8 /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDR1SkBqMzkNFrQiu4iHyaUP

Piano 2013-2014
All links start with /playlist?list=
Sheet Music PLA288A87AA3B93774
Grade 2 PL239C14EBC25B65AE
Grade 3 PLC67542E04660C80E
Grade 4 PL48DDCA35070EF67E
Grade 5 PLABEFBE94FB871B6C
Grade 6 PL54DF516802FA42A1
Grade 7 PL38C08AC58954C141
Grade 8 PL3ECA4078688BB1CD

Violin 2012-2015

Trinity Guildhall 英國 倫敦 聖三一

Piano 2015-2017
Scales /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDQ7Xt_INVSXRWKajTsQ-qjD
Initial /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDTA6aIDXWe4MZfAhNz3Dnz_
Grade 1 /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDQuN8MYIkn-nR_yw6Sm3i3d
Grade 2 /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDSiCSOWb-DxGxPBdRN5gZhA
Grade 3 /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDTM0Jj0QIhihwE4TDtkIOVc
Grade 4 /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDTLl4xnSiwGOaB1Uy629jqQ
Grade 5 /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDRUFnfmKFUkxmwPUk_hVO_t
Grade 6 /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDQGXvId8WU8WTv1xuFMeTvD
Grade 7 /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDSPUEcQ5ROpm_XkL9HRWhhE
Grade 8 /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDRLPhbOB08F24cr_djpIrIO

Piano 2012-2014
All links start with /playlist?list=
Initial PLEA7354A4BA067789
Grade 1 PL7DC5ADC551AE71BE
Grade 2 PLA9524D5552ED83D0
Grade 3 PLDBCBE53756F514F6
Grade 4 PL4E89B818EA2B9B9A
Grade 5 PL3F96836A88B054B9
Grade 6 PL73477BBDAFFAD892
Grade 7 PL7ED981F9AEC26DAF
Grade 8 PL28DE06BE91084F42

AMEB The Australian Music Examination Board 澳洲 音樂考試委員會

Piano Series 17 2015
Scales /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDRtfALToY7JdHCUFYA7FK-s
Preliminary /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDT1PeuN_tTJSaAvHxvIMjQu
Grade 1 /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDSkIWsLIKJWJtqONVc5TINe
Grade 2 /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDSVYZ7LOZAw_n8nIPm-SsZR
Grade 3 /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDSHOXb9LvMn-I4Aywqxa2Gk
Grade 4 /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDTx9EA1e5VE-dJ0Pttopb_0
Grade 5 /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDS6spg4Y_dBIk87xq8CZZ4d
Grade 6 /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDTkx5M4HaNlWXr591rV50SV
Grade 7 /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDR6FUq7n2KiNF5J-v4IpcTB
Grade 8 /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDRZYyauvVFtGnP9lHbJKjn5

Piano Series 16 2009
All links start with /playlist?list=
Preliminary PL98346C6B0280D099
Grade 1 PL3360C7A7703E94C7
Grade 2 PLAF21CFC6F303F53A
Grade 3 PLE0AA74E765BAA59B
Grade 4 PLBDC2A19B8F06D6DD
Other Grades PL0DDB1D662E6710BE
My students PL86AEC740D20B466C

LCM London College of Music 英國 倫敦 音樂學院
Piano 2013-2017
All links start with /playlist?list=
All Grades PLB62D7326BF1A5BD9
Aural / Sight Reading PLdWqPcjnGSDQ2CMciUV_K0Y0EGclp5alB
Sheet Music PL7AACB05BEDF9C26D

RCM The Royal Conservatory of Music Piano 2008 加拿大 皇家音樂學院
All links start with /playlist?list=
Grade 1 PLAA240E7CA1AA1C82
Grade 2 PL14ECACAAED769404
Grade 3 PLdWqPcjnGSDQ1mRsRzxBGreqMkaJkrbWU
Grade 4 PLA89F487BA840DAC5
Grade 6 PL8229837D85E9BEB3

HKSMF Hong Kong Schools Music Festival Piano 香港 校際音樂節
67th 2015 /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDT5kyIf42hLe1G76Y33EKsd
66th 2014 /playlist?list=PLdWqPcjnGSDQlHZnh2rwMBQTSyJM4yn6L

Alan Chan: Epping, Sydney, Australia
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