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Title : How to refill a 16oz propane tank
Description : *NOTE - The general purpose of this video is for someone who basically has an idea of what they are doing or about to do, and just want a quick reference video. But you can see more detailed instructions below

You need a propane adaptor. I do not know where to get them, but it will be like the one in this video, a simple brass fitting, one end with reverse threads to attach to the valve of the 20 or 40lb tank and the other will have a standard 16oz tank thread like those found on any propane lantern, stove etc.

Make sure your 20 or 40lb propane tank which you will use to fill the smaller ones is warm, room temperature is perfect. Don't use any device to heat the tank or place it in direct sunlight for obvious safety reasons.
Make sure your small 16oz tanks are well chilled so the propane gas can follow the transfer of heat energy from hot to cold, thus flowing from the warm big tank to the colder small one. I leave the small tanks in a fridge for 2 hours (it doesn't have to be that long, but I like to make sure they're cold enough to fill properly).

You than turn the big 20 or 40lb tank upside down and attach the small tank, make sure the valve is off while you do this.

Turn the valve on and count 60 seconds, after which time the small tank should be full and no more propane is flowing into it. You can also hear the gas filling, it makes a sort of echoing hissing sound, but do not play it by ear strictly, count 60 seconds as after this time no propane should be flowing and the tank should be filled (in fact I find it usually only takes approx. 30 to 45 seconds for the tank to actually be full, this time varies but it is always less than 60 seconds).

Turn off the valve and detach the tank.

Check for leaks, particularly around the valve. You can do this by putting some soapy water on the valve or oil to check to see if any bubbles form. If you see bubbles, discard of the tank in a safe area (not a garbage can).
If you don't see any bubbles or hear any propane escaping the tank than your good to go!

Remember, this is just us doing this, and this is how it is "supposed" to be done if one wishes to refill propane tanks. We already assume all of our own risks and you must do the same, the best thing to insure safety is know when to hold em and know when to fold em; meaning your tanks, if they look to have the slighest thing wrong, dings, rusty valve, very old etc. than get rid of them, not worth it. Only use perfect tanks, and get rid of them after about 4 refills (condition dependent). Do this in a ventilated area (our area wasn't the best but it's an atlantic winter and no way would the propane transfer outside with the 16oz tanks becoming chilled)
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